Club Events

We have a variety of events throughout the summer months. Here's a breakdown of those events.

Kato Cycle Club - 2018 Events
Date Event Start Time
April 29th Motocross (Motokazie) 09:00 AM
May 13th Quad Only Event 09:00 AM
June 3rd Motocross (Motokazie) 09:00 AM
June 16th Hill Climb** 10:00 AM
June 23rd Poker Run (Starr Cylce Start)* 11:00 AM
July 14th Hill Climb** 06:00 PM   10:00 AM
August 4th and 5th Trail Ride 08:00 AM
August 12th Motocross (Motokazie) 09:00 AM
August 25th Hillclimb** 10:00 AM

Starr Cycle - 200 Pierce Ave, North Mankato, MN 56003

July 14th - ProAm Exhibition Class. Any size bike and any fuel.
*no chains, paddles or steel*
cash payout for this class
All district 23 classes ran
Points paying event!

Hill Climbs

Watch bikes compete to climb up our mountainous hill in the fastest time possible!

A dirt bike getting ready to climb the hill.

Talk about king of the hill. Watch dirt bikes race up the hill to compete for the fastest time. This timed event is a blast to watch. From young to old everyone races against time to compete for a spot at the top of the hill.

** Tickets are $10.00 at the gate.
** $5.00 if you show up on a motorcycle.
** Children 12 and under as well as Senior Citizens are FREE.

Night Climbs

What's better than watching a hill climb? Watching a hill climb at night!

A dirt bike sitting on top of a hill as the sun is going down.

There’s something that brings out the excitement of people after the sun goes down and this is a prime example. The sun goes down and the bikes go up racing against each other to see who can get to the top the fastest!

MotoCross (MotoKazie)

Motocross is a physically demanding sport held in all-weather conditions.

A dirt bike riding on a dirt track.

Watch as dirt bike rider’s race against one another for first place. Sponsored by MotoKazie these races aren't for the faint of heart and watching is part of the excitement.

* There will be free overnight primitive parking as well as free entry to the club grounds with a signed waiver at the gate.
* Strandard trail rules apply, plus KCC ground rules.
* Trails are all one way, club roads two way but drive slow.
* All bikes must be sound checked prior to rider sign-up.
* Trails are divided by difficulty and marked at entrances for all motorcycle riders.
* Trails vary from wide track like trails to tight and technical steep hills.
* Hot dogs and beverages available for purchase.

Trail Riding

Come spectate (or even participate) in a family fun day of riding some trails!

A Father and Son on a TrailRide.

Come out for a day of trail riding at its finest. Take a casual ride through our many trails and catch some of the wonderful views. There’s nothing finer than letting her rip through a trail without the worry of having to be in a race against someone else.

Special Events

The club hosts a variety of special events.

A group of kids having an easter egg hunt.

Typically for club members only the Kato Cycle Club hosts a variety of special events throughout the year. From easter egg hunts to concerts there's always something fun going on.